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Certified Ritualist Program


Ritualistic proficiency is the key in giving our candidates the best possible degree they can receive.  It can also make our meetings more enjoyable when our Officers are able to open and close effectively. Companions can be certified by examination by at least two (2) members of the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons Board of Grand Examiners. There are three levels. An appropriate certificate and a purple cordon with the Cryptic Jewel will be awarded for Level One Certification.  Silver and Gold medallions will be added for Levels Two and Three Certification. Click here to see a list of those that have earned their Jewels.

Level One Certification:

Proficiency in the opening, closing, dispensing between degrees, refreshment to/from labor,   the test oath, reception of District Inspector or Grand Officer, reception of the Most Illustrious Grand Master

1st Level Cert Rit Jewel

Level Two (Silver) Certification:

Proficiency in Level One and either the Royal Master or Select Master Degree

Level Three (Gold) Certification:

Proficiency in Level One and both the Royal Master and Select Master Degrees